Our core business includes wine and wine-related products but we also feature selective other products like spirits, olive oils, vinegars and more specialities from regions all over the world.

Our highly engaged team is working with:

Wineries wanting to access Europe

Wineries wanting to export outside Europe


Exporters/Importers inside & outside Europe

Resellers and retail groups in Europe

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ALMA Corp is active in the field of wine for more than 20 years and committed to continuously expanding its list of capabilities to support its mission »Global tastes brought local«:

Import – from all around the world into Europe

Export – from Europe to the world

Sourcing – helping to find the products you need

Consulting – wineries, trade and gastronomy

Warehousing – for partners wanting to expand across Europe

Distribution – to B2B & B2C and on behalf of partners


We are specialised in importing high quality wines from boutique and small wineries across the globe that usually only sell locally, within their region or mainly in their home country and limited beyond. We make it easy for you to expand business and enter new markets. We order, you pack & put the papers together and we do all the rest – from your winery to our European warehouse. In addition, we offer very favourable payment terms, optimising the wineries’ cash-flow so you do not have to wait 120 days or even longer. Once imported we will take care of the distribution across Europe – online & off- line. To guarantee the longevity and maintain the quality of your products, we store them in the ideal conditions of our temperature-controlled warehouse to ensure a perfect consumer experience. Large wineries we support as well. While our retail focus is on small family owned wi- neries, we work closely with wineries of all sizes in the B2B space for distribution and warehousing. We support you to get your products into Europe and support the B2B distribution and the development of a network across Europe.


After many years of importing wines from across the world we started exporting European wines to other parts in the world applying the same expertise, helping family owned wineries to reach new overseas markets. We focus on Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Spain currently, but can assist with other countries, too.


We have been very fortunate to be able to visit all major wine regions around the world over the past 20 years. During our explorations we have been able to build up extensive knowledge about products and territories along with an invaluable net- work of contacts across globe. Mainly in the wine industry and related businesses,
but also for food specialities originating from those regions. We help our clients to find the right product for their needs and will assist in the sourcing and logistics.


Wine list consulting, revised offering, distribution channels, market diversification, export expansion, brand (re)launch, product (re)design or the likes – just to mention a few areas in which we can support. We work with our customers on a wide range of wine & food related topics and they come from a broad spectrum like restaurants, bars, hotels, retail, wholesale, distributor, producer, etc. Maybe we can talk about your next big thing that we can support and assist!


Our temperature-controlled warehouse is in the heart of Europe and we can ship across the EU & Switzerland for very attractive rates. We store your products, so you can reach your customers in Europe easier, faster and cheaper. You do the sales, we will do the fulfilment. Tailormade solutions for your specific needs and this could be even without a monthly warehouse charge. Let’s talk about your plans and how to access the European market without your own presence – your customers won’t feel the difference!


We serve both B2C and B2B equally. We sell through our own online platform and our various off-line channels, events, tastings as well as distribution to gastronomy and resellers. While for our B2C platform we exclusively focus on boutique wineries and mid-sized producers, we also support and distribute a wide range of products in the B2B segment. We are always looking for new partners to work with, expanding our coverage and to build your business.


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